August Photos of the Month

Last month we created a new Facebook group for Meyer Optik photographers and we've been thrilled with the response. Because of the terrific images that group members have been posting, we've decided to feature some of our favorites on the blog....

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Versatile Lydith 30mm Perfect Addition to Your Wedding Photography

If you could only use one lens to shoot your next wedding assignment, which one would you choose?

Hopefully, that's not a situation you're likely ever going to find yourself in. Instead, you're probably fortunate to carry several lenses and one...

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Is Meyer really going to revive the classic Biotar 75, which was originally made by Zeiss?

The rumors that Meyer Optik founder Dr. Stefan Immes is working on a project to return the legendary Biotar 75 to the market are, indeed, true. But it´s not done by Meyer Optik.

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How do you actually create images like that, Patrik Oberlin?

A brief introduction to effect photography

Now in summer, there are plenty of situations where you may want to take your camera with you.But what do passionate landscape photographers actually do when the days are shorter and gloomier? Okay, so...

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Kickstarter, Early Bird or Indiegogo -

...or why new lenses are sold with a discount.

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Dr. Stefan Immes talks about a high pace, keeping focus and the best lens in the world

We recently sat down with Meyer Optik Goerlitz CEO Dr. Stefan Immes and talked what the company has accomplished since it was relaunched three years ago and what’s in store for the German lens maker.

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Up close and personal with the Lydith 30mm

At first glance, you might think that the Lydith 30mm f/3.5 is a lens designed for street or landscape photography. And you wouldn't be wrong about the lens that is featured in Meyer Optik Goerlitz's new Kickstarter campaign.

But what you might...

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Finding her inspiration with the Trimagon 95

After seeing Lisa Erickson's photos, you might be surprised to learn that she does not make her living from photography. Instead, she shoots for the joy of creating images -- her lovely models are, in fact, her two daughters.

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Here’s What We’ve Learned

The last three years have been a whirlwind. When we revived the legendary Meyer Optik Goerlitz line, we were committed to doing things the right way. That meant creating lenses that honor Meyer Optik’s classic designs, while taking advantage of...

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Welcoming spring in Canada with the Trioplan 100

Spring in British Columbia, Canada can sneak up on you. After a long, cold winter, spring arrives slowly in dribs and drabs.

Then, one day, you look out, the sun is shining and the gray skies are gone -- at least for a day. That's when nature...

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