Brief History of the Primoplan Lenses

The region in Germany around Jena-Dresden-Goerlitz gave birth to so many famous camera and lens advancements in the early part of the 20th Century, you might call it the Silicon Valley of photography of its time.

But, perhaps, no innovation was as...

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Backlight and open aperture let pictures shine.

I still remember well that during my first photographic attempts (I was five) I was always told: Take the camera and stand with your back to the sun, otherwise you will not succeed in taking pictures.

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The spirit of the night: Photographs @low light

When taking pictures at night, you have to look at the world from a different perspective.

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Available Light by Meyer Optik - from past to present

1925: A world record lens conquers photography

Meyer Optik has a strong history in available light photography. Did you know that Meyer Optik produced the fastest 75mm lens in 1925? An awesome f 1.5 lens called Kinoplasmat was the benchmark for...

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Small lesson in Portrait Photography: Background design with Light, Color and Shapes

The importance of background design to compose your pictures

When you read about portrait photography, you very often get tips on how the open aperture hides the background, even makes it completely forgotten. However, I have never understood...

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Nature & Springtime Photography

The new Apo Plasmat 105 goes nature

The new lens, which is currently available through Kickstarter, has already inspired our photographers in the test phase. Let's take a look back:

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Plasticity, Bokeh, Sharpness – the uniqueness of Plasmat Photography

Here's what makes Plasmat Photography so special.

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The Famous Trioplan Bokeh

Talking about Bokeh you will certainly soon see the famous “soap bubble bokeh” of the Trioplan lenses from Meyer Optik. The famous series of lenses from 35mm to 100mm fascinates photographers around the world even more than 100 years after their...

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F-Stop, Bokeh & Aperture blades

What is the optimal number of aperture blades, to create a beautiful Bokeh?

Basically the answer to this question is: The more the better, but you cannot beat physics and there are limitations to how many blades fit into a certain lens.

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From available to low light photography


The Magic of a f0.95 lens: Natural light creates intimacy

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