Announcement of the new Plasmat lenses


Here and there it has already seeped through: The Plasmat 105 f2.7 is in the starting blocks and will launch as the next Meyer Optik Kickstarter. As the 'new' historical lens in the Meyer-Optik portfolio, it has many special features. We talk...

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Some characteristic Plasmat pictures we found on Flickr 

In one of our latest blog posts, we have introduced you to Dr. Paul Rudolph, one of the most famous lens designers in the history of optics. One of the most famous lenses Rudolph created, is the Plasmat lens design.

With the help of Dr. Prenzel,...

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How to Create Soap Bubble Bokeh

The signature look of a Trioplan lens photograph remains one with soap bubble bokeh. The Trioplan uses 15 metal blades as its aperture shutter. As a result, out of focus light renders as soap bubbles when a photographer shoots at a wide open...

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Kickstarter, Early Bird or Indiegogo -

...or why new lenses are sold with a discount.

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What are the differences between old and new Meyer lenses?

We often get asked this question one way or another.

One thing is clear: a historical Meyer-Optik lens can be a great way to take your first step into the world of Meyer lenses. They often form the basis for many of our newer lenses. That said,...

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Meyer-Optik Production 2.0

As a start-up lens manufacturer, in the past three years, we have gone through a steep learning curve in all respects of manufacturing. 

An optical lens is a complex system. One single lens consists of about 100 customized parts and every single...

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The early bird catches the worm

Overcome your lack of willpower!

While we can all agree that nothing is more wonderful than sleeping in the morning and turning over in bed another couple of times, we miss the most interesting time to take pictures in the process. 

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The Man behind the P75

A few men have been shaping the most prominent lenses at Meyer Optik. Besides the famous Paul Rudolph with his Plasmat lenses it was Paul Schäfter who designed the Primoplan lenses in the 1930s. These lenses are today offered as P58 and P75II by...

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Paul Rudolph – one of the most important lens designers of his era.

When you look back at the early history of Meyer-Optik Görlitz, the name Paul Rudolph comes up again and again.

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The Amazing Bokeh of the New P75 II

 To truly appreciate the stunning bokeh of the next generation Primoplan 75mm f/1.9 (now available on Indiegogo), what we are calling the P75 II, you should see the video that we created at Phantasialand in Brühl.Not only does this video show the...

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