Underwater with the Trioplan 100

This may be one of the more unique, if not spectacular, shots we've seen taken with the Trioplan 100/2.8. Yes, that is a fish staring into the lens of German photographer Tobias Friedrich, whose underwater photography can be found on his website,

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Photos of the month: August and September

The photos from the members of our Facebook group just keep getting better and better. It's always very gratifying to see the art that talented photographers can create with our lenses. Below are a sample of some of the photos submitted during...

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Life is full of color

Our life consists of countless impressions that rain down on us day after day. Some are relevant, others are not. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: they are competing for our attention. 

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MOG-School Whitepaper: Black and White

Color shapes our view of the world, helping us to recognize objects and, above all, to understand them quickly. Color has been an important part of photography since the 1930s. However, many of history’s best known images were captured without it...

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MOG-School Whitepaper: Dynamic Lines

This is the first article for our MOG-School, in which we would like to offer our members regular information All those who have already applied can expect to receive mail from us in the near future.

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August Photos of the Month

Last month we created a new Facebook group for Meyer Optik photographers and we've been thrilled with the response. Because of the terrific images that group members have been posting, we've decided to feature some of our favorites on the blog....

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Versatile Lydith 30mm Perfect Addition to Your Wedding Photography

If you could only use one lens to shoot your next wedding assignment, which one would you choose?

Hopefully, that's not a situation you're likely ever going to find yourself in. Instead, you're probably fortunate to carry several lenses and one...

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Tags: Foto-Stories, portraits, Lydith, wedding

Is Meyer really going to revive the classic Biotar 75, which was originally made by Zeiss?

The rumors that Meyer Optik founder Dr. Stefan Immes is working on a project to return the legendary Biotar 75 to the market are, indeed, true. But it´s not done by Meyer Optik.

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How do you actually create images like that, Patrik Oberlin?

A brief introduction to effect photography

Now in summer, there are plenty of situations where you may want to take your camera with you.But what do passionate landscape photographers actually do when the days are shorter and gloomier? Okay, so...

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Kickstarter, Early Bird or Indiegogo -

...or why new lenses are sold with a discount.

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