Pricing Policy

Information on pricing on Kickstarter, Early Bird pricing and Delivery Times

Some of our lenses are pre-financed on Crowdfunding Platforms such as Kickstater.
Backers on such sites get superb prices and discounts far more than 50% and help us to kick-off a first production.The flipside of the coin for those backers is that they have to wait 6-9 months before getting the product as we are producing those lenses for the first time.

Then with availablity approaching or getting nearer, we offer our products at discounted levels referred to as 'Super Early Bird' or 'Early Bird' on our website and sometimes simoultanously on Indiegogo. These prices are still about 25% below the future retail price since the buyer still has to wait for a little while but a delivery time can generally be planned and guaranteed within three months.

Then with availability and with production going at full speed, price changes to SRP and lenses are delivered immediatly or shortly after your purchase.

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