In this exclusive and limited sale, you'll receive the new Trioplan 50 classic. The most versatile and legendary 50 mm Soap Bubble Bokeh lens at a very special price. The new lens is based on the original design - inside out. Its available in silver & gun metal gray, titanium or black anodization and with mounts for Canon/Nikon & Leica M incl. rangefinder coupling.

MSRP: $ 1499 

(pre-sale price: $ 799*  only 50 units available)
(pre-sale price: $ 899*  only 100 units available)

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(Free Worldwide Shipping included. Estimated shipping date: October 2018.  EU pricing is (799/899 EUR, including Value Added Tax. US/World Wide Pricing is net. After purchase we'll ask you per separate email for your choice of mount (Nikon/Canon/Leica-M and your preferred lens color). 


WHAT'S NEW? New features at glance

Here are the new features of our new Trioplan 50 Classic and how the classic version of the legendary soap bubble lens differs from our standard version:

  • Design: The new Trioplan 50 classic has a completely new appearance and is based on the original design
  • Colors: The new Triolplan classic comes in 4 different anodizations: Black, Gun Metal Gray, Titanium & Silver
  • Mounts: The new Trioplan 50 classic comes with mounts for Canon, Nikon & Leica M. We are very proud to announce, that this is the first Meyer-Optik lens which comes with rangefinder coupling for Leica.  
    If you own a mirrorless camera system like Sony E, Fuji-X or Micro-Four-Thirds, please choose a Nikon mount and use your adapter or get one from us. If you want us to send an Meyer-Optik adapter with the lens (49$/49€), please let our sales team know, when they get in touch to ask you for your preferred mount and color for your order.
  • Lens configuration: The lens is classic inside out, so it doesn't feature Macro elements like the standard version but focuses to infinity at f2.9 and its minimum focussing distance is 0,6 m.

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Built with an optical construction of three lenses, Trioplan images are famous for their soap bubble bokeh, sharp subjects, and extraordinary resolution. Our new Trioplan classic brings back this unmatched legend's most versatile focal length (the f2.9/50) and its artistic charm & bokeh.

(all pictures taken with Trioplan 50 or Trioplan 50 classic)

Trioplan50_Benedikt_ErnstPhoto Credits: Benedikt Ernst

_DSC0319_firat_bagdu_la_mog_web_13 Photo Credits: Firat Bagdu


The Trioplan was one of the first popular lens designs to allow a relatively high optical correction, an extraordinarily sharp center and a high maximum aperture. The Trioplan demonstrates its famous soap bubble bokeh when used wide open, especially when exposed to backlight or when capturing background reflections. Our Trioplan 50 classic is based on the original construction plans and design.


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mgo01_1522 Meyer Goerlitz Trioplan 50 kickstarter shoot (c) Guido Karp for GKP-LA_full res ccphoto credits: Guido Karp

IMG_8823Photo Credits: Tamara Skudies

DSC03688Photo Credits: Tamara Skudies



"The ultra-light and compact Trioplan 50 is so handy that I can take it with me anywhere,” says professional photographer and historic lens fan Tamara Skudies. “Whether I want to capture a super-sharp portrait or a dreamy, flowery landscape, the Trioplan is my first choice.”

I’m always looking for that special, unique image,” says professional portrait photographer Firat Bagdu. “The Trioplan 50 helps lend character to a special moment. It’s much more than just an effect - it’s about that unique atmosphere or the feeling when you take the photo. The possibilities this lens offers are a real asset to my portfolio.

Mounts for Canon, Nikon & Leica-M with Rangefinder Coupling

Trioplan 50 Classic silver

The new Trioplan classic comes with mounts for The Trioplan 50 Classic will be the first Trioplan lens that supports rangefinder coupling.
We will send you an email to ask you for your choice of Color and Mount after your purchase.

 IMG_8616photo credits: Tamara 

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 Technical Details: 

The new  Trioplan 50 Classic comes in an enhanced design and has been updated to the latest Meyer-Optik quality standards. It will be available for modern camera systems and comes with a matt black, gun metal gray or titanium or silver finish.



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 DSC03550Photo Credits: Tamara Skudies


With the first deliveries planned for October 2018, we will start now our exclusive sale. Of course, the new will profit from all our experience we have built during the last years. Therefore the new Trioplan 50 Classic will live up to our Meyer-Optik-Görlitz redefined quality standards.
 scenes from our production
  • Meyer-Optik Art Lens & Bokeh Style
    At Meyer-Optik a lens is not only a piece of mechanical and optical construction but it is our goal to obtain a fine balance of sharpness, contrast and the unmet Meyer-Optik bokeh characteristics. Therefore we go a long ways in trial sessions and work closely with our reference photographers and get them in touch with our lens designers to to guarantee the optimal balance between all these aspects so that that what you will hold in your hands is a masterpiece and one of its kind. Creating the best lenses means that we want to hit just that sweet spot where the relation between sharpness and characteristic bokeh is at its best and allows you to favor creativity over tech specs.

  • Meyer-Optik Clickless Aperture Mechanic©
    Our high quality adjustment rings run smoothly and noiseless and allow the finest variations in focusing. The new Trioplan 50 Classic  is therefore ideal for videography. The completely enhanced mechanics and the improved focus ring are a pleasure to use .

  • Available for Modern Camera Systems
    The new Trioplan 50 Classic will be available for Nikon, Canon and Leica M (rangefinder coupling for Leica is supported). We will ask you for your choice of mount right after purchase.
  • Handmade in Hamburg, Germany
    Like all our lenses, the new Trioplan 50 classic will be handmade in Germany.


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